If you’re happy and you know it, will you return?
ISBT Academy, Barbara Masser, 206301
Pediatric Transfusion Medicine: From the fetus to the young adult, One size does NOT fit all
ISBT Academy, Ruchika Goel, 205767
Thalassemia - back to basics
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DNA of erythroid origin presence in human plasma
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Application of kodecytes in immunohematology
ISBT Academy, Stephen Henry, 203501
What are the special issues for young donors?
ISBT Academy, Hwee Huang TAN, 203499
Young donors: getting their attention and keeping them engaged
ISBT Academy, Eun Hye Kim, 203498
How different models help us understand TRALI
ISBT Academy, Lin Fung, 203497
Blood component transfusions in mass casualty events
ISBT Academy, Sarah Harm & Clayton LaValley, 204614
Effect of early tranexamic acid administration on mortality, hysterectomy, and other morbidities in women with post-partum haemorrhage (WOMAN): an international, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
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Emerging Infections and Blood Safety in the 21st Century
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Big data in Transfusion Medicine
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Back to basics - Haemovigilance
ISBT Academy, Jo Wiersum, 198226
HNA antibody-mediated neutrophil aggregation is dependent on serine protease activity
ISBT Academy, Session Speakers, 196300
Epigenetic and molecular signatures of cord blood CD34+ cells treated with histone deacetylase inhibitors
ISBT Academy, Session Speakers, 196301
Platelet Refractoriness
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The definition and use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in regenerative medicine
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Lecture 9 - Putting it all together
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Basics of Neutrophil antigen and antibody testing
ISBT Academy, Lin Fung, 192928
Exploring new avenues for cold storage of platelets
ISBT Academy, Jose Cancelas, 184741
ISBT Academy, Eric Boilard, 184740
Platelet Immunology
ISBT Academy, John Semple, 184739
Biomarkers defining the metabolic age of red blood cells during cold storage
ISBT Academy, Bernhard Palsson, 184738
Metabolomic analysis of blood storage
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Babesiosis and Blood Transfusion
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Hepatitis E
ISBT Academy, Hans Zaaijer, 184735
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Safe and sustainable plasmapheresis
ISBT Academy, Joanne Pink, 184731
Pathophysiology of massive haemorrhage
ISBT Academy, Jakob Stensballe, 184730
Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) induced bleeding - update on antidotes and treatment options
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Damage control resucitation - how to use blood products and manage major bleeding in trauma
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ISBT Academy, Andrew Kelly, 184727
ISBT Academy, Veerle Compernolle, 184726
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Blood storage and metabolism
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The emotions of a blood donor
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Blood donation in resource-limited regions
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Granulocytes and Transfusion Medicine
ISBT Academy, Ulrich Sachs and Lin Fung, 188562
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Donor health
ISBT Academy, Mindy Goldman and Jo Wiersum, 188560
Mesenchymal Stem Cells
ISBT Academy, Reinhard Henschler, 188559
Passionate about platelets
ISBT Academy, John Semple, 188558
Implementing a comprehensive blood wastage reduction programme
ISBT Academy, Mark Yazer, 184724
Do we need cryoprecipitate in the era of fibrinogen concentrate and other specific factor replacement options?
ISBT Academy, Nicola Curry, 184723
Red cell apheresis: pros and cons
ISBT Academy, Laura Infanti John, 184722
Making clinical audit work for you
ISBT Academy, John Grant-Casey, 184718
Effectiveness of pre-donation health and travel screening in reducing the risk of TTIs
ISBT Academy, Christian Erikstrup, 184721
European collaborative initiatives in PBM
ISBT Academy, Mie Bruun, 184717
Modelling risks of emerging infectious diseases relevant to blood transfusion
ISBT Academy, Mart Janssen, 184720
Making transfusion decisions in critical care
ISBT Academy, Cecile Aubron, 184716
New infectious epidemics: the global health view
ISBT Academy, Micha Nübling, 184719
Clinical governance in the blood service
ISBT Academy, Gail Miflin, 184715
The role of the hospital transfusion committee
ISBT Academy, Susan Nahirniak, 184714
The role of the national blood transfusion committee
ISBT Academy, M.F. Murphy, 184713
Lecture 2 - Practical Data Cleaning and Statistical Analysis
ISBT Academy, Sheila O'Brien, 183454
Lecture 4 - Selecting the Target Journal & Author Guidelines
ISBT Academy, Michael Schmidt, 183455
Lecture 1 - Introduction to Analyse and Write
ISBT Academy, Brian Custer, 183456
Lecture 3 - Tables and Figures
ISBT Academy, Marion Vermeulen, 183457
Lecture 5 - Introduction and References
ISBT Academy, Michael Schmidt, 183458
Lecture 6 - Discussion Section
ISBT Academy, Brian Custer, 183459
Lecture 7 - Methods Section
ISBT Academy, Marion Vermeulen, 183460
Update on TRALI pathogenesis
ISBT Academy, Rick Kapur, 182275
Back to Basics - Red Cell Alloantibody Identification
ISBT Academy, Nicole Thornton, 175252
Haemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn: Effects of policies to prevent anti-D or anti-K-mediated HDFN
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Blood Group Antigen Terminology
ISBT Academy, Jill Storry, 166913
ISBT Academy
ISBT Academy, Judith Chapman, 151045
Update on the study of safety and effectiveness of patient blood management in surgical patients
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Cultured RBCs for Transfusion, how far are we?
ISBT Academy, Emile van den Akker, 142633
In-hospital mortality of critically bleeding patients requiring massive transfusion in Australia and New Zealand
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Using major haemorrhage prescriptions to improve delivery ? a 3 year audit of utilisation of a major haemorrhage protocol in a UK major trauma centre
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State of the Art on Obstetric Transfusion Practice, The Reds Program
ISBT Academy, Evan Bloch, 142630
The indonesian approach to prevent maternal mortality
ISBT Academy, Yuyun Siti Maryuningsih, 142629
Latest developments in the field of Quality Management
ISBT Academy, Christian Seidl, 151044
Immune regulation of Sickle Cell Alloimmunization
ISBT Academy, Karina Yazdanbakhsh, 142628
What's new in the pathophysiology of sickle cell disease
ISBT Academy, Connie Westhoff, 142627
Developing New Pharmacotherapeutic Approaches to Treating Sickle Cell Disease
ISBT Academy, Marilyn J. Telen, 142626
Transfusion transmission and prevention of transmission in non-endemic countries
ISBT Academy, Jay Epstein, 142625
ISBT Academy, Jose Eduardo Levi, 142624
The global epidemiology of arboviruses with focus on Zika
ISBT Academy, Lyle Petersen, 142623
Emerging Arboviruses and Transfusion
ISBT Academy, Silvano Wendel, 147344
Hematological malignancies, solid cancers, and red cell alloimmunization: a case-control study
ISBT Academy, Johanna Van der Bom, 142622
Perioperative RBC transfusions are associated with 30 day post-operative risk of venous thromboembolism: a robust prediction model from a large North American multi-center prospective registry
ISBT Academy, Ruchika Goel, 142621
Management of thalassaemia
ISBT Academy, Vip , 142620
Transfusion in African children with severe anaemia
ISBT Academy, Kathryn Maitland, 142619
Challenges of Clinical Blood Transfusion in Africa
ISBT Academy, Kathryn Maitland, 151042
Role of big data in Transfusion Medicine
ISBT Academy, Assoc. Prof. Gustaf Edgren and Dr. Ruchika Goel , 151041
Major achievements in platelet preparation, storage and transfusion
ISBT Academy, Miguel Lozano and Behnaz Bayat , 151040
The Red Cell Storage Lesion: Of Dogs and Men
ISBT Academy, Harvey Klein, 142618
Clinical data on age of blood
ISBT Academy, Prof. Jacques Lacroix, 142617
Preclinical evaluation of stored blood versus fresh blood
ISBT Academy, Eldad Hod, 142616
Big data in transfusion medicine ? towards a database driven approach to ensuring the long-term health of both blood donors and transfused patients as the best submission
ISBT Academy, Gustaf Edgren, 142615
Introductory presentation
ISBT Academy, Henrik Ullum, 142614
Ex vivo culture of platelets
ISBT Academy, Alessandra Balduini, 142613
Current methods to manufacture human platelet lysates, and possible trends in product safety and standardisation
ISBT Academy, Thierry Burnouf, 142612
The threat of emerging pathogens to the blood supply
ISBT Academy, Michael Busch and So-Yong Kwon , 151039
Future prospects on haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
ISBT Academy, Mickey Koh, 151038
Complications following red blood cells transfusion - clinical hyperhaemolysis
ISBT Academy, Susan Robinson, 142610
Translational: animal models
ISBT Academy, Magnus Gram, 142609
Heme-induced toxicity in blood cells protected by heme-binding hemopexin
ISBT Academy, Ann Smith, 142608
The measure of blood component quality
ISBT Academy, Dana Devine, 142607